Uber Kuala Lumpur Review

This is not a paid review.

Our Director have tried Uber transportation service in Kuala Lumpur independently and we believe everyone should read what he has to say before trying Uber especially in Kuala Lumpur (KL) to get the most of it.

  • Why Uber transportation service in Kuala Lumpur will be a game changer
  • What is the good and bad of Uber transportation service
  • When you should and shouldn’t use Uber
  • How to make the most of your Uber
  • And of course, Uber coupon code for everyone!

I have tried Uber last year and still using it until now. I first know about it from my friends in Australia and it seems to be very good. Living on the fast lane makes you priorities on things especially what you should worry about and what you shouldn’t.

Driving in KL is one of them.

As you know, driving here could be a nightmare. Although it isn’t as bad as traffic in Jakarta, but getting out of the city centre after 5.00pm will take you almost 1 hour. Lucky I do not live here.


And I use Uber in the morning and after work getting around KL for meetings, trainings and running errands. Since last year, I thought Uber transportation service in KL is a game changer despite the news about Uber drivers in Malaysia. Few reasons:

  1. Taking a cab that stop in front of the shopping malls are far more expensive (not metered).
  2. If metered, they refuse to start the engine if your destination is really close i.e. they didn’t get much
  3. Cab drivers attitude is yet to improve (not all are bad, though).
  4. Condition of the car is so-so.
  5. Payment through Credit or Debit card is not available (yet).

With Uber, especially UberBLACK, I get these benefits:

  • Cheaper ride (no destination too close, no destination too far). You booked, the designated driver has to come.
  • You know what car is coming to get you (e.g. Black Audi A5 with car plate number WXXXA). Audi? Yes. But most of the time it is Camry or Honda Accord.
  • Friendly driver.
  • Some car will have mineral water and candy for you at the back.
  • You get the summary of your ride in your email. No more missing receipts or not small change for the fare.
  • Some driver even open the door for you. You don’t need that to feel special, but some thankful for the hospitality.
  • You can leave tips to the driver without them noticing.
  • You can rate the driver. And you will be rated.
  • No by-hand payment needed. Your card will be charged accordingly.


Uber is best used when you are tired of the taxi service in KL or just too busy to take the train. While on the ride, you can make urgent calls or reply emails. Let Uber be the transporter so that you can focus on what you do best. Simple.

For some, it is still quite expensive. But, for me, it is very attractive and value for money.

Few tips if you are using the Uber service:

  • Check the number of available Uber cars around you (from the App)
  • Check the estimated time of arrival (ETA) before you book the car (form the App)
  • Choose if you are taking UberX (cheaper) or UberBLACK for your ride
  • If you would like them to use certain road/highway, let the driver know.
  • Be friendly with the driver. They are human too.
  • Use Uber Coupon Code for discounts 🙂

And if you are travelling to the airport (KLIA), you may use them at a fix rate of RM90 (UberX) and RM200 (UberBLACK).

Try it and you’ll understand.

Director, KL City Guide


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