The new JPJ AES (Automated Enforcement System) cameras location

Recently, a new implementation of AES camera, acronym for Automated Enforcement System camera has and will been installed all over Malaysia. We thought of sharing the locations of the camera so that if you are driving around Kuala Lumpur city center or around Klang Vallery area, you know when to slow down.

Location of AES Camera

AES camera in Kuala Lumpur

View the list of AES camera location

The benefit of AES camera

We believe that the presence of the aes camera is to reduce the number of accidents in Malaysia as it is the top killer in the country. We believe that this is to educate the road users to drive in a proper manner besides obey traffic law.

In countries like Australia, as explained in the Wikipedia page, AES camera has demonstrate in reduction in the traffic accidents, although it is not significant, we also believe that this could add to the government income as shown in South Australia where it has raised more than $100 million dollars in between the year 2010-2011.


Although it is still only a couple of these aes cameras installed in Klang Valley area, this has spark some political argument. Despite that, we see this camera will help to educate.

Above all, drive safely and we wish you have a pleasant drive around the city and watch out for the AES camera signal.

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  1. Siti Farhana, 13/10/2012 1:54 AM - The new JPJ AES (Automated Enforcement System) cameras location

    Thank you a very useful info. Now I know where to slowdown so I can avoid the speed camera, AES. Heh!

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