Medical Tourism in Malaysia

As one of Asia’s most recognized developing countries, Malaysia has great potential in an increasingly important tourism sector – health tourism. The increase of visitors seeking medical treatments are attracted by Malaysia’s medical expertise and tourism appeal and attractions.

Why Kuala Lumpur for medical or health tourism?

In the last decade, the number and range of specialist hospitals, clinics and dental surgeries have increased significantly. The health care services throughout the country, is of world class standard and the medical cost in Malaysia is one of the most competitive in the world.

Nowadays, with the support from the Malaysian government, a large number of Malaysian private hospitals are actively participating in health tourism. The country offers medical services in a wide range of fields, including cancer treatment and pain management, cardiology and cardiothoracic surgery, fertility treatment, general screening and wellness, orthopedics surgery and rehabilitative medicine, to name a few.

List of medical institutions for medical tourism in Kuala Lumpur

Below is the list of medical institutions ie hospitals in Kuala Lumpur which welcome the concept of medical tourism.

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