Magazine Review: Leisure Travel and Senses of Malaysia

There are many travel magazines in the Kuala Lumpur market and for this year, we are planning to start looking into each magazines and give an independent review of each magazines available on the market.

This month, we will be looking into two travel magazines namely:

  • Leisure Travel by AmLeisure Media Sdn Bhd
  • Senses of Malaysia by TEG – The Expat Group

Travel-related Content

Magazine: Senses of Malaysia

Magazine: Senses of Malaysia

Having read the Issue 14 for the Leisure Travel (LT) magazine and January – February 2013 issue of Sense of Malaysia (SoM) magazine, we can sum up that the Leisure Travel magazine focuses on travelling as general. Around 30% of the content is related to travelling around Malaysia while targeting other countries around Malaysia.

If you’re travelling to Kuala Lumpur or Malaysia in general, we found that the magazine SoM is better and more focus. The January issue list down main events that will be happening in Malaysia and very useful. The pictures are professionally taken and inspire you to travel to the places such as the Sipadan Island (cover). So, if you’re looking forward to discover new and amazing places inside Malaysia, Senses of Malaysia could be the magazine for you.

In Magazine Advertisement

Comparing these two magazines, the Leisure Travel has more pages of advertisement. It took me 13 pages to reach the editorial page. Whereas Senses of Malaysia is more focus on its travel related content. This may be due to the target group of the magazine. Although Leisure Travel magazine has around 60+ pages more, but it doesn’t feel like reading a travel magazine.

Design and Art Direction of the Magazine

Design and the art direction of the magazine is distinctly clear. Leisure Travel has a boarder style cover and it looks like having the National Geographic influence while Senses of Malaysia, despite printed on larger size paper, it focuses on the beautiful shots they have.

Magazine: Leisure Travel

Magazine: Leisure Travel

The internal layout of both magazines if compared side by side is one of the major factor. Leisure Travel by default uses the famous Helvetica. If you took a closer look, a poor execution of the line height, font-size and letter spacing made everything looks like “rojak” for people with attention to details. One some pages, it is very hard to read. It is self-evident that the articles do not have enough margin and spacing between the text and images, which makes you feel that you have read too much.

Comparing side by side with Senses for Malaysia, we can say it is well recommended. It is a proper magazine which you can find in business class flight and at least 4 stars hotel. The typesetting is consistent and reading from one articles to another is effortless. A sense of reader-friendly we would suggest.

Price of the Magazine (including subscriptions)

  • Price for Leisure Travel magazine: RM8.00
  • Senses of Malaysia magazine: RM12.00

Both of these magazines are published bi-monthly.

One year subscriptions costs:

Overall Rating

Overall, we rate the Leisure Travel to be 2 out of 5 stars while Sense of Malaysia at stunning 4 out of  5 stars.

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